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Shape Your Body, Mind, and Soul
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There’s nothing better than waking up each day with a goal of inspiring real people to feel a little more extraordinary by teaching and encouraging them to shape their body, mind, and soul.  That’s the passion of Sculpt 24 Fitness, and we do it with an amazingly fun and friendly team who take themselves lightly while catering to the well-being of the entire family.

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We Train You To Succeed
Learn from certified, trained professionals.

Introducing Our New App

The Sculpt 24 Fitness app is a tool to help reach your fitness goals. The app allows you to record workouts, count calories, and participate in fitness challenges that will give you the motivation and accountability to be successful with your journey.
Train with the best to succeed.
“Sculpt 24 Fitness is that gym that not only you have a sense of longing to go to because of the great atmosphere and great staff, it instils in you a sense of wanting to make yourself better.”
-Sculpt 24 Member

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